Facilities of Plastics IPA, SA
Interior facilities of Plásticos IPA, SA

About us

IPA, originally known as Indústria de Plásticos da Azóia, was founded in 1961, appearing as a small production unit located in Azóia - Leiria.

Its activity was based on the business dynamics of those days, while assisting to the great expansion of the plastic transforming industries.

Initially, the company dedicated itself to the production and sale of toys, flowers and fishing needles. In the following years the abandonment of certain articles of reduced demand was inevitable, leading to the development of articles for household and sanitary use, some of them still in production to the present day.
The 80's were marked by a strategy of product specialization. In 1987, the company owners decided the renaming to Plásticos Domésticos IPA, Ltd. In addition, the Plásticos Domésticos IPA, continued the production and sale of its household and sanitary articles.

To consolidate the adopted specialization strategy it was created Plásticos IPA II, with the purpose of marketing the products manufactured by Plásticos Domésticos IPA and SET. From then on, these two companies had to devote himself exclusively to the development and production.

In 2001, the 3 companies were acquired by Joaquim Ribeiro and Idalina Ribeiro, who in due course, decided to merge them and create Plásticos IPA, SA.

Since then, the bet has been in the technological development of the business, to continue to occupy a prominent place in the market for household products, sanitary accessories and agrochemicals.

With a dynamic and enterprising spirit, the Plásticos IPA SA, has invested in new equipments and products in order to improve and innovate and answers to the growing demands of both national and international markets. In this context, in 2009, the company moved premises, and is now in an industrial park, where their infrastructure has been conceived to the needs of the organization and its employees.

Facilities of Plastics IPA, SA
Interior facilities of Plásticos IPA, SA

Being recognized as a company of excellence in production and marketing of plastic products.


Design and marketing packages, household appliances and sanitary products, responding to customer expectations, enhance their satisfaction and prosperity of the company.


Carefully identify the needs and expectations of our customers. 
Fostering innovation and product design. 
Diversify the distribution channels of the organization, strengthening our presence in large surfaces
Focusing on Quality.
Providing technical assistance.


Integrity and exemplary ethical behavior towards shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and society.
 Focus on customers.
Valuing employees. 
Promoting an environment enhancer of excellence, safety, teamwork, personal achievement and performance improvement. 
Social responsibility.
 Respect for the environment.
 Excellence in organization and management.


Within the manufacturing of plastic parts including household products, sanitary accessories and packaging, our company was certified since October 2002, in compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2000.
With the relocation, optimization and modernization of the manufacturing processes, it was possible to achieve certification under the NP EN ISO 9001:2008.
Monitoring the quality of our products is based on inspections in the course of production, during its preparation and also in laboratory tests carried out externally. Striving for continuous improvement of our products and services is a constant objective of the organization.

Quality Politic

  • Our company, Plásticos IPA S.A., sets their quality standards according to the following principals: Produce and supply products according to the specifications and needs of our clients, ensuring the compliance with standard and legal requirements applicable to our products and activity, and also, promoting the spirit of continuous improving as the path to overcome our client's expectations;
  • Provide for knowledge and continuous improvement to all the employees in order to promote motivation, qualification and self-awareness of their value for the company;
  • Identify new business areas, pursue for improved technology and assure the best working conditions in order to guarantee the permanent upgrade of the company and promote a safe work environment to our employees;
  • Establish a straight relation with our suppliers, clients, employees and other stackholders, seeking to meet their needs and expectations, maintaining effective long lasting partnerships.
  • Guarantee the compliance with the Quality Managements System set for the organization, pursuing for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and suitability of our products and services.