Solid term Arara 2,5L
Solid term Arara 2,5L

Term Arara 2,5L

With a modern and practical format, Term Arara presents itself as the most versatile of the line of housewares. This model can hold 2 or 3 lunch boxes inside, thus providing the packaging of a complete meal.

Solid term Arara 2,5L
Solid term Arara 2,5L
Available Colors:
Blue, Orange and Green

6 units per box


Simbolo frio 10 De 0º a 15º > 8h

Simbolo quente 10De 100º a 40º > 6h


Capacity of each lunch box: 1.2L if the term includes 2 lunch boxes inside or 0.75L if the term contains 3 lunch boxes inside.

Dimension of each lunchbox:  0.75L> ø 170mm h 41mm 1.20L> ø 170mm h 57 mm  

Both lunchboxes and the lid of the lunchbox can be sold individually.