Term Falcão 2L

The Term Falcão allows the transport of your meal in excellent conditions of conservation and conditioning. The use of both luchboxes and the insulation with polyrethane foam guarantee the maintenance of the temperature.ing. The use of both lunchboxes and the insulation with polyurethane foam guarantee the maintenance of the temperature.

Available Colors:
Blue, Orange and Green

10 units per box


Simbolo frio 10 De 0º a 15º > 8h

Simbolo quente 10 De 100º a 40º > 6h


Capacity of each lunch box: 1L if the term includes 2 lunch boxes inside or 0.5L if the term contains 3 lunch boxes inside 

Dimension of each lunchbox: 0.50L> ø 114 mm h 55mm 1.00L> ø 125mm h 80 mm 

Both lunchboxes and the lid of the lunchbox can be sold individually